CFP: Genocide Studies: Sound, Image, Archive

Genocide Studies: Sound, Image, Archive

A one-day workshop

The Genocide Research Group at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities invites contributions to a one-day workshop which it will host on Friday 8th November 2013. The group is keen to foster interdisciplinary approaches to the materials of genocide (archival materials, testimonies, diaries, sound recordings, film, photography, site-specific materials and other forms of evidence, legacy or commemoration) with an emphasis on sharing and transmitting expertise across disciplinary boundaries.

We are particularly interested, therefore, in encouraging contributions on the following topics, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • (contested) definitions of genocide
  • transitional justice
  • trauma (transmission, representation)
  • the notion of truth/facticity in genocide studies
  • genocide education
  • commemoration, memory and the legacy of genocide (psychology, culture, representation, mediation)
  • the political, historical and social contexts in which genocide(s) occur
  • the legal and political discourses surrounding genocide (justification, legitimacy, illegitimacy, condemnation, silence, response of the international community)
  • the role of language & translation for the representation, mediation, publication and circulation of information about genocide
  • how is genocide enacted and carried out? By whom and why?
  • groups most affected by genocide (gender, age, social and professional background, regional factors, language issues, ethnic identities)
  • connection(s), where appropriate, between modernity and genocide
  • comparative genocide studies
  • philosophical approaches to the study of genocide(s)
  • how histories of genocide are used in the aftermath of genocide
  • how discourses and experiences of genocide are utilized in identity formation
  • the representation(s) of genocide (in literature, film, music and other genres)

Contributions are welcome equally from postgraduate students, early career researchers and established scholars.

Please send the following to Dr Ian Biddle [] and Dr Beate Müller [] by June 1st 2013

  • abstract of 200 words
  • a short biography
  • (where relevant) list of your publications in this or related areas
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