International Faculty Development Seminar: Ruin and Revival – Modern Memory and Identity

Ruin and Revival – Modern Memory and Identity
Krakow, Poland & Berlin, Germany – 02-12 July 2013

This seminar asks: What is the role of historical memory in the formulation of individual and national identities in contemporary post-Holocaust and post-communist Poland and former East Germany?
Three thematic perspectives will be used to explore the construction and transmission of memory: Arts, Literature and Culture; Institutions and Education; and Place and Memorial. Lectures and discussions with experts, opinion leaders, and local people, young and old, will explore complex and powerful notions of memory in parallel with fascinating site visits in Berlin and Krakow, two thriving cities rapidly rising from the ashes of their wartime and socialist pasts. Our visit to Krakow will correspond with the vibrant Jewish Culture Festival.

Ruin and revival, memory and forgetting, continuity and disjuncture, real and invented truths will be our themes. Special attention will be paid to the consciousness of a new generation of Poles and Germans, their past, present and future.

Academic Content:
• Ruin & Revival – Polish History, Memory & Identity
Holocaust Education in Poland
• Ruin & Revival – German History, Memory & Identity
• Historical Site & Documentation Center
• Hohenschönhausen, a former Stasi prison (site visit)
• Topography of Terror (site visit)
• Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (site visit)
• Berlin Wall Memorial Bernauer Strasse Central Memorial Site of German Division (site visit)
• Workshop and Discussion: Mirrors of Hope – Art Matters In Berlin
Site Visits, Community Exchanges & Engagement Opportunities:
• Jewish Culture Festival Krakow, Kazimierz District Concert & Street Party
• Nowa Huta – Soviet-Style Housing District and lecture on “Memories of Life in Communist Poland”
• Auschwitz Jewish Center, Museum, Synagogue & Education Center
• Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration & Death Camps )
• Hohenschönhausen ( a former Stasi prison
• Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter
• Building a New Community: Jewish Community Center of Krakow • The German Historical Museum, Unter den Linden
• DDR Museum Berlin ( ) • Bebelplatz, site of the 1933 Nazi book burning (
• Neue Wache, Central German Memorial for Victims of War & Tyranny

More information & Application Details:

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