International Workshop: Genocide: Contemporary philosophical and sociological perspectives

International Workshop, August 2-3, 2013

Over the last two decades, the phenomenon of genocide has been the object of increasing philosophical and sociological research. Regrettably, the results of this trend on either side remained all too often within the confinements of their respective departments and did spark just sporadic mutual reception. However, philosophy and sociology clearly could complement each other to further develop and explore the concept of genocide theoretically. Similar arguments and perspectives are covered in social philosophy, political philosophy, ontology, conflict theory, political sociology, and gender theory. Common questions are:

  • What constitutes a group? Why and how do groups resort to genocide?
  • How does genocide differ from other forms of political violence and other “-cides”?
  • What is the harm in destroying a group by means of genocidal acts?
  • How can a gender perspective bring forth the field of genocide studies?
  • What is the connection between historical reflections on genocide and philosophical/sociological insights of it?

The workshop addresses these questions above from a contemporary perspective while also discussing the limits of theorizing about genocide in philosophy and sociology.

Full details available here: Flyer%20Workshop%20August

Venue: Universität Potsdam, Campus Neues Palais, Am Neuen
Palais 10, House 9, Room 2.04.
Arrival: From Potsdam Hauptbahnhof with the bus 605, 606, 695 or
X5 to bus stop “Campus Universität/Lindenallee”.

Registration: Please register for free and get more information from or +49 176 76527624.


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