CFP: Edited Volume on Genocide in Film

We welcome submissions from authors in history and film studies for a volume on genocide in feature films under consideration for publication by MacFarland press. This volume will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the representation of genocide in cinema over the course of 20th century. We welcome submissions on the following subjects (with suggested films that may be incorporated into the essays):

Australia (Rabbit Proof Fence)
Colonialism (Heart of Darkness)
Armenia (Ararat)
USSR (Come and See, and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich)
Nanking (Black Sun, and Men Behind the Black Sun)
China (To Live)
Bangladesh (The Clay Bird)
Cambodia (The Killing Fields)
Rwanda (Shooting Dogs, Hotel Rwanda, and Sometimes in April)
Indonesia (The Year of Living Dangerously)
Latin America (Salvador, Romero)
Balkans (Behind Enemy Lines, No Man’s Land)
Iraq (Turtles Can Fly)
Darfur (Attack on Darfur)

Authors are welcome to modify the choice of films within their proposals. Other subjects can be proposed as well, and the editors will place them under consideration.

Those interested should submit a 200 word abstract describing their essay. Authors should include affiliation and contact information with their abstracts, which should be sent electronically to Dr. Jonathan Friedman of West Chester University at The deadline for submission is December 1, 2014.

Final essays will be due on June 30, 2014. Essays should be no more than 5,000 words and be doubled spaced with doubled spaced endnotes formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

All queries should be directed to Dr. Jonathan Friedman at

Jonathan Friedman, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Main Hall 409
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383


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