Report: Workshop on “Genocide Studies: Sound, Image, Archive”

The Genocide Research Group at Newcastle ran a one-day workshop entitled “Genocide Studies: Sound, Image, Archive” on Friday 8 November 2013. The event was generously funded by the School of Arts and Cultures and the School of Modern Languages at Newcastle University.

Participants and speakers from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria, and the US came together to listen to 8 papers on legal frameworks of genocide, ways of understanding testimony, and representations of genocide in visual culture. In addition, “A Messenger from Poland”, a film on Jan Karski made and introduced to the delegates by Martin Smith, was shown. Karski worked for the Polish government in exile and tried to inform world leaders about the fate of the Polish Jews. The workshop contributions drew on rich interdisciplinary approaches to the materials of genocide (archival materials, testimonies, diaries, sound recordings, film, photography, site-specific materials and other forms of evidence, legacy or commemoration) with an emphasis on sharing and transmitting expertise across disciplinary boundaries.

The organizers of the workshop – Ian Biddle (Music) and Beate Müller (Modern Languages) envisage publishing the revised proceedings.

  • To see the programme of the event, click here.
  • For the abstracts of the papers given, click here.


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