CFP: Jan Karski Centennial Conference – Loyola University Chicago, September 19th-20th, 2014.

Focuses on the legacy of Jan Karski, concentrating on two major themes from his life that touch our world today: Memory and Responsibility.

Jan Karski was a bearer of the memory of what he witnessed and of his mission to inform the world about the Holocaust taking place in German occupied Poland, and to persuade the Allies to take action to stop it. The sense of responsibility is essential to his legacy and ask us to ponder:

  • Where was/is God in Auschwitz, Rwanda, Darfur and Cambodia?
  • What is the role of faith and religious institutions in light of this?
  • What was/is the responsibility of a witness?
  • What conclusions should be drawn from sponsored violence and oppression?
  • How have humanitarian efforts and the Responsibility to Protect coalition responded to post WWII calamities?

Deadline: June 30th, 2014

Participation options: speaker, moderator, and/or panel organizer.

Suggestions welcome

20 minute presentation followed by discussion

Send proposals and following information to:




Abstract 200-250 words


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