Journal announcement: Translation & Literature

Translation &  Literature, 23:2 (July, 2014), on “Translation and Holocaust writing”:


Testimony and Translation
Peter Davies

Intertextuality and Translation in Three Recent French Holocaust Novels
Angela Kershaw

Translating the Self: False Holocaust Testimony
Sue Vice

Combustion or Incineration? Notes on English Translations of
Holocaust-related Writings by W. G. Sebald
Edward Timms

Bringing Home the Holocaust: Paul Celan’s Heimkehr in German and English
Jean Boase-Beier

Translating Anne Frank’s Het Achterhuis
Simone Schroth

Acts of Translation: Ruth Maier’s Testimony and its Reception
Ingvild Folkvord

Translating Trauma: David Boder’s 1946 Interviews with Holocaust Survivors
Beate Müller

Remembering Oradour-sur-Glane: Collective Memory in Translation
Sharon Deane-Cox

Link to the journal through the Edinburgh University Press website:

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