Wiener Library: Talk by Dame Stephanie Shirley ‘Let IT Go’

Mon 26 Jan 2015

Time: 6.30pm-8pm

Dame Stephanie Shirley will be delivering a special talk at The Wiener Library in the week of Holocaust Memorial Day. Dame Stephanie will discuss in particular the story of her life and her experience as a child refugee from Nazism. She has recently published an autobiography Let IT Go: The Story of an Entrepreneur Turned Ardent Philanthropist. The book goes back to her childhood memories of being sent away at the age of five to escape the Nazis, on one of the last Kindertransport trains out of Europe.  As a young refugee, Stephanie Shirley found love and acceptance with an English foster family, and vowed that she would repay them by living ‘a life worth saving’. Dame Stephanie’s subsequent career – which included breaking through barriers of sexism in the workplace to build a leading software company, and providing national leadership in championing charitable giving – was in many ways defined by these childhood experiences.  Dame Stephanie’s talk at The Wiener Library will tell a moving and uplifting life story of survival and success that will provide valuable inspiration as we enter the 70th anniversary year of the liberation of the Nazi camps and ghettos.  Attendance at this event is free but booking is essential as space is limited.

Website Address:
Venue of event: The Wiener Library

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