Public Talk: ‘Between Adventures and Air Raids: How Nuremberg’s School Children Remembered the Hitler Years in 1946

Given by Dr Beate Müller (Newcastle University)

Venue of event: Newcastle City Library, 33 New Bridge Street West, Bewick Hall, Wednesday 28 October 2015, 18.15-20.00

In 1946, Nuremberg’s schools inspector Otto Barthel had local school children write essays on their wartime experiences. They were also asked to fill in questionnaires which specifically addressed political attitudes of the young. About 3,000 pupils submitted their work. These texts tell a complex story about the thoughts and feelings of German adolescents in the early postwar period, demonstrating the ideological influence of National Socialism, trauma suffered during the war, as well as the shock, frustration, and desorientation after the collapse of the Third Reich. This talk by Dr Beate Müller will focus on identifying the coping strategies of the young in their attempts to make sense of their extreme experiences and of the radical ideological reorientation necessitated in the occupational period.

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